We can meet any needs on hammers.

We can meet any needs on hammers, carrying a wide variety of shapes, sizes and hardfacing patterns. Our hammers are some of the most superior in the marketplace today — we use a high carbon steel and heat treat them to a customized “C” scale Rockwell. We also have multiple types of hammer styles available to meet any customer’s needs.

  • All hammers are balanced within 4 grams per row of hammers.
  • All our hammers have a Precision-drilled hole, not punched, which means holes are not tapered so your hammer fits better on the mill pins and has less chance for uneven wear on the pins.
  • We keep a large inventory of hammers in stock so we are able to ship out most orders the same day.

For more information on our hammers, give us a call at 1-800-866-6455 (toll free) or 870-673-7226. And let us help you with all your hammer needs.

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