Welcome to Rightway Manufacturing!

For more than five decades, our business has focused on solving our customers’ problems and meeting their needs. We not only manufacture and stock top-quality machine parts and components, we also get creative and produce custom fabrications when required. Throughout the years, our philosophy has never changed:

There’s only one Rightway.

A Statement on Covid-19

Even in the current climate, we wanted to let you know that R.W. Manufacturing Company understands your needs for product supply and that and we are ready, willing, and able to make sure these needs are met.

Although there may be some supply chain slowdowns in the coming weeks and months, we’ll continue to monitor the situation and we’ve made sure that our inventory remains strong so we can supply the important parts you may need.

As a reminder, follow the link below to see a line card of the products we have available. It might make sense to go ahead and order the items you think you’ll need in the near future. In either case, whether you order now or when needed in the future, R.W. Manufacturing Company is here to provide you with quality products and service.


We manufacture the parts that keep your machines running smoothly.

Our difference is that we’re a family-owned company — governed by family values that customers appreciate, not by corporate earnings.  We treat you like we’d want to be treated.

Along with the thousands of machine and industrial parts that we manufacture and catalog, we’re also ready, willing, and able to fabricate custom parts based exactly on your needs. Our goal is always to solve your problem. Our willingness to tackle any challenge has kept many of our customers coming back for decades. Some things — like superior service and attention — never get old.


Kevin Sweetin
CFO/Vice President Operations


Randy Sweetin
Vice President Sales


Taylor Sweetin
Sales Manager


James Stanley
Plant Manager


Alan Hines
Office Manager