Our Mission

Always put our customers first and provide the very best products. We will grow our customers one at a time and provide them with the respect and service that we expect from our suppliers. We will stay focused on continuing to improve the quality of our products while staying on the cutting edge of enhanced productivity to expedite our products to our customers. Our mission is simple:  Treat our customers like family and to make sure their needs are taken care of to their satisfaction.

We treat every customer with respect. RW works tirelessly to make our products of the highest quality to support and maximize our customer’s needs for a durable product at a fair market value. We want to minimize our customer’s downtime and labor cost, while maximizing their production.

We have been in business for over 55 years, and have a management staff with a combined experience of over 75 years in the milling, sizing, and processing industry. We feel like our knowledge, combined with our work ethic, quality of products, and service, makes us second to none in the industry.


These are a few of the factors that we feel differentiate us from other manufacturers and suppliers:

  1. Larger Inventory (This allows us to provide a faster turn-around on your order, which helps to eliminate down time for you and reduced inventory for your company).
  2. In-House Manufacturing (This gives us more control over quality control, price control, and delivery times for our stock items and for special order parts and products).
  3. Price Competitiveness (We understand that price is a big part of our customers buying decision, so we always provide a superior product at an outstanding value).
  4. Superior Performance (For over five decades, our products are made as if we were making them for ourselves – including improvements to OEM parts).
  5. Problem Solution Selling (Most products are made for an exact fit, and to a predefined specification. But from time to time, our customers need a custom product or a custom fit, and we help them fill that need).

We don’t just ask for your business, we work to earn it. If we can provide a superior product at a fair market value, help you and your company find a better solution for a persistent problem that you may be having, we will have earned your business. This is why 97% of our customers keep coming back. Give us a chance to earn your business and we think you, too, will also find that we do things the RightWay!

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