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I highly recommend this company when it comes to hammer, pin and screen replacement. I personally have been working with them for over 8 years now and their quality is just exceptional. Don’t look around for other options, this is the best I know.


We have worked with Taylor and his crew at RW manufacturing for 3 plus years. RW manufacturing is a very family-based business which makes them so easy to deal with. We have purchased a shaker machine from them and numerous conversion packages to convert our old shakers from a wooden screen frame over to a new style aluminum screen frame. This has allowed us less down time on our shakers, when we need to change screens. They have been awesome to work with! When they built our new shaker, they were willing to customize it to specifically fit our needs, which allowed us to install it in a very timely fashion. We saw a video of the machine running on his shop floor before it ever left to come to us. I can’t say enough good things about Taylor or Randy Sweetin. I have had the privilege to shake their hands and get to spend some time with them. They are very down to earth, very easy to talk with, whether is about work or play. I will always keep RW Manufacturing in mind for future parts and projects.


I have been doing business with RW for 3 years now and I could not ask for a better company to work with. Great people, dedicated, honest and a joy to work with. RW has jumped through hoops to help us figure out the correct parts we needed to make our plant run efficiently as we started up. RW makes a quality product that is very cost effective.


RW Manufacturing has fast, friendly, and knowledgeable service. I enjoy working with them very much. Our companies have been working together for 20 years.


RW is dedicated to getting us the lowest price possible along with working quickly to help with any emergency needs that we may have, in our line of business this is a big win for our company.


RW Manufacturing has been a very easy vendor to work with. Sara is always very prompt with her order confirmations, request for quotes and answering any questions we have about parts. If there is ever a delay, Sara reaches out to us to let us know. I would highly recommend working with them


Anyone interested in doing business with RW.

I happened to run in to Taylor at the Central Region Rendering convention. After exchanging wisdom, we talked some business. I found out what they were all about and Taylor asked if he could come to our plant to see if there was anything, he could do for us. So, this Southern Boy got on a plane in January and flew to Minnesota where it was -10 to VISIT. At that point I figured they really needed business, or they were just a great company, a great company it was. We did purchase a shaker from them, and their service has been awesome. We also do business with them on other items also. I would highly recommend them with anything they do. They are a small business that really cares about their customers.


I’ve worked with RW for that past few years and through a couple of different facilities, they have been very accommodating and are very quick to turn around different orders that we’ve needed while going through several different trials. The communication has always been great and up front about orders needed as well as what we would need to do if we wanted to save money on bigger orders. They make it easy to continue working with them and I will continue to utilize their service.


We have had a great working relationship with RW Manufacturing for several years. Taylor and Andrika are very helpful and easy to work with. They are always readily available for all our hammer mill and shaker needs. The RW team is not only helpful and easy to work with but they are also extremely knowledgeable of all products used. The service and quality cannot be beat!


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